Cascadia Clusters builds cost-effective, green homes to house individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness. Groupings of these homes become villages complete with showers and social services where residents can feel a sense of belonging while supporting and learning from each other. 




ensuring security

Our tiny homes are cost-effective, lockable, insulated, solar powered transitional housing. Having a dependable place of their own to come home to enables people to seek services, training and employment. 



Promoting healthy living and success

Cascadia Clusters trains houseless individuals in framing, roofing, insulating and finish carpentry. They are paid a daily stipend and receive housing while building tiny homes for other houseless people.



Meeting Basic Needs

Tiny home villages offer more than protection from the elements and a safe space. They offer community; complete with social services and rules.



Environmental stewardship

Reclaimed windows, plywood, framing materials, flooring, and sheeting are paired with a solar powered electrical system to create a green living environment.

Being a trainee with Cascadia Clusters gives you something to do with your time that will positively impact you and your peers and translates to a very versatile skill set.
— Bob, Houseless Construction Trainee